K-Contact Center Service

​​​​​​Dial 02-8888888 press 2 and follow the instructions

Account, Fund Transfer and ChequePress1
  • Press1Suspend Account
  • Press2Suspend Cheque
  • Press3Check Account Balance
  • Press4Request Account Statement via Fax
  • Press5Transfer Fund Between Saving and Current Account
  • Press6Order Cheque Book
  • Press7Check Cheque Return
  • Press0Contact to Agent
ATM Card, Debit Card and Electronic MachinePress2
  • Press1Suspend ATM and Debit Card
  • Press2Change Transaction Limit of ATM and Debit Card
  • Press3Check Transaction Limit of ATM and Debit Card
  • Press4Report K-ATM, K-CDM and Other Machines Problem
  • Press0Contact to Agent
K-Mobile Banking PLUS and K-Cyber BankingPress3
  • Press1Enquiry General Information
  • Press2Report K-Cyber Service Problem
  • Press0Contact to Agent
Mutual Fund and BancassurancePress4
  • Press1Mutual Fund Information
  • Press2Bancassurance Information
  • Press0Contact to Agent
Credit Card, K-Express Cash Card and LoanPress5
  • Press1Suspend Credit Card/K-Express Cash Card
  • Press2Check Credit Card and K- Express Cash Card Balance
  • Press3Check KBank Reward Points
  • Press4Activate Credit Card/K-Express Cash Card
  • Press5Request Payment Statement via Fax
  • Press6Temporary Change Credit Limit
  • Press7Personal Loan, Car Leasing, Home Loan
  • Press8Report Credit Card/K-Express Cash Card Problem, Cancel Card or Dispute Transaction or Waive Interest
  • Press0Contact to Agent
Complaint HotlinePress9
  • Press1Credit Card and K-Express Cash Card Issue
  • Press2ATM Debit Card and ATM Machine Issue
  • Press3K-Cyber and K-Mobile Banking PLUS Issue
  • Press4Loan and Bancassurance Issue
  • Press5Complaint Kbank Staff
Contact to AgentPress0
  • Press0Card Suspension
  • Press1Credit Card and K-Express Cash Card Service
  • Press2Account Service
  • Press3K-Cyber Banking K-Mobile Banking PLUS Service
  • Eligible for both existing customers and prospective customers
  • Service is available 24 hours daily.
  • For funds transfers from a savings account to a current account for purpose of cheque payments must be made before 3:30 p.m.
  • Documentation by facsimile may be requested via facsimile or fixed-line telephone. Recipient’s facsimile number must be specified.​